Leadership Team

Timothy & Alice Rhee

Timothy Rhee

I was born in Boston and as a result have been a lifelong Red Sox, Patriots and Celtics fan, despite growing up in the Los Angeles area.

I was obsessed with academic achievement growing up, one vintage story that illustrates how I nerdy and driven I was, was that I memorized five SAT words every day starting in 7th grade until the 12th grade. I thought that academic achievement would lead to the American dream of high paying career and retirement. But when I entered college at UC Berkeley, I was disillusioned by this way of life and felt that there’s got to be more to life than this.

I started attending Bible studies at the invitation of a friend and was drawn into the truth of God’s Word. In sophomore year, I was convicted of the gospel message and fully gave my life to Jesus.

Since then my life trajectory completely took a different turn and after working as a mechanical engineer for 10 years, I became a full-time minister in 2008, and over the years have been mentoring college, youth, children, and international ministry teams with my wife Alice in Davis, California, the Twin Cities in Minnesota, the DMV area and now in the Tri-State area in the East Coast.

Alice Rhee

I was born in Seattle, Washington, but ended up attending seven different schools in three different countries from K-12th grade. The frequent moves as a child exposed me to different cultures and languages, but also to unstable political and social environments that caused me to be troubled by the reality that life is precarious.

During my teen years in the 80’s, I tried to escape from the troubling realities of life and my discontentments by drowning myself in Michael Jackson music. It’s embarrassing to recount, but I idolized him to the point that I found myself sobbing continually for two hours at one of his concerts!

But finally, after much searching, at age 16 I recognized that my most desperate need was to be forgiven of my sins against God and surrendered my life to the true Lord and Savior Jesus Christ!

In college, as soon as I stepped into our church in Berkeley, California my freshman year, the Word of God came alive through the Bible studies and the lives of the people who lived it out. Since then, I’ve had the privilege and joy to keep moving to pass on the gospel as part of our church planting teams.

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