Leadership Team

Steve & Eunice Kim

Steve Kim

The old timers in our church remember me as that college student who blurted out at a discipleship meeting saying, "I want to marry someone like Princess Leia." And someone teased me by saying, "It's because you think you're Han Solo, right?" And to be honest I have to say, "Yes." On the Myers-Briggs I'm an ENFP -- the Champion. I grew up having a lot of different cinematic soundtracks running through my mind as I believed myself to be the hero who would come save the day. I grew up in an unhappy home with a lot of hurtful words exchanged between my parents and siblings, and at times things got violent. So I wanted to believe I can somehow be the hero who can at the very least save himself. But there came the moment shortly after turning 16 when I was confronted with the uncomfortable truth that not only am I no hero, but I’m the culprit. I was hit with the fact that I’m no better than those I hated and blamed for all that seemed wrong in my life, because I’m a sinner. I’m my own greatest problem, but I discovered the good news of the gospel was that Jesus came to my rescue. And finally at a youth retreat I responded to an invitation to repent and accept Jesus as my Savior and Lord.

But that narcissistic desire to be the hero stuck with me going into college. Well, to make a long story short, I was humbled by just trying to adjust to college life. I also discovered through the piercing truths of God’s words that none of us are heroes, only Jesus is. But we get to be a part of His rescue team--a team that I’ve grown to love and cherish and commit my whole life to. And I’m also happy to report that though I’m no Han Solo, I did end up marrying the person I was looking for, a fellow team member with whom I serve Jesus.

After 14 years in our Berkeley college ministry, I headed down to southern California with my wife and two boys and a new team to plant a church at UC Riverside. Then after 7 years, my family moved in the summer of 2017 to lead our church in Seattle.

Eunice Kim

Growing up, I was blessed with a sheltered, comfortable, and boring life. But as an ISTJ, that was fine with me. I went to church but I was missing some essential parts of what Christianity was about, because I couldn’t imagine anyone actually living according to the Bible in real life, nor why they would be motivated to do so.

I came to Berkeley and started coming to our church as a freshman. I remember learning for the first time that Christian life was about having a real relationship with God - which seemed like a radical and slightly scary idea. At the same time, I saw how these young working professionals and college students took the word of God seriously and tried to live it out in their daily lives. The thing was, they seemed so full of life and wholesome fun, while at the same time being able to be open and honest about their sinfulness, being loved by God and loving others. It was like stepping into a whole new world, where I experienced God speaking to me in some undeniable ways and I recognized that I was a sinner in need of Jesus’ salvation. I became a Christian my freshman year.

Jesus said, “I came that they may have life and have it abundantly”, and this is so true in my experience. He has transformed my life. I was an unrelational, selfish person who didn’t know how to love others. My greatest fear was facing difficulty and failure. But as I have followed Jesus, I have had to face my fears and difficult truths about myself and this broken world. And I have experienced the greatest thrills of learning to love people and see people’s lives transformed by the gospel as well. I could not have imagined that I would have so many people in my life beyond my own family, who are precious to me.

It has been a privilege and an adventure to plant and lead churches with my husband Steve. Our two boys have grown up living the church plant life, which has been quite challenging, but we see it as a great blessing and investment in their lives. The life of ministry never gets old and I am always reminded to have hope in what God can do in each person’s life as I remember my own story.

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