Leadership Team

Mike & Joanna Kang

Mike Kang

As an only child and son of an engineer in a reserved, Asian family, I grew up with minimal verbal communication. As an engineering student, I did my best to avoid textbooks and papers, and read and wrote mostly in symbols and code. Before entering full-time ministry, I worked as a computer engineer at a startup company in the Bay Area for 12 years. So I find it ironic that much of my life now involves speaking, preaching, reading, and writing — in English.

Even though I grew up going to church from a young age, the gospel didn't fully become real and personal to me until college, when the words of the Bible spoke to me and identified who I am and told me that despite my sins and inner corruption, I am fully known and loved by my Heavenly Father. Ever since then, I've come to experience the joy of ministry and communicating the truths of the gospel to students. My wife Joanna and I have had the privilege of helping to plant churches near UC San Diego and UC Santa Barbara, as well as serving at other campuses in California and New Jersey. No matter where we are, it fills us with a sense of wonder to see God redeeming and transforming lives.

Likes: Macs, donuts, puns

Dislikes: PCs, mustard, anti-jokes

Joanna Kang

I grew up wanting adventure and excitement, so being a pastor’s kid really got in the way. I went the path of a rebellious pastor’s kid just itching to get out of the house. So when I entered college at UC Berkeley, I was determined to never set foot in church again. Thankfully, I befriended a Christian on my dorm floor who was not only really fun, but extremely intelligent and answered all of my questions about Christianity. Over time I came to understand the gospel personally, and the significance of the person of Jesus Christ. In my junior year, I accepted Jesus’ offer of forgiveness and surrendered my life to Him.

Since then, God has allowed me to have the most adventure-filled life of doing ministry on the college campus for 20+ years, and now in youth ministry. I’ve had the privilege of helping start 2 church plants at UC San Diego and UC Santa Barbara. Because of those experiences, my heart is to see an Acts 2 church in every college town. I'm committed to loving young people into the kingdom!

Myers-Briggs: I used to be ESFP, known as the “where’s the party?!” personality type, but ministry, motherhood, and life changed me to an ESFJ :)

Favorite Part about Ministry: I love having a house full of people with good food and laughter, which is a picture of the church that I fell in love with, and hope to continue.

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