Leadership Team

Josh & Jacqui Wang

Josh Wang

In 2002, I came into UC Berkeley as a theater major from NYC who was always trying to be in the limelight and had a 5x8 glamour shot of myself on my desk (which thankfully was never digitized and has been lost forever). But in college, God not only found me and saved me, but He gave me a life vision worth going all in for, and He made me part of a people to do it together with.

19 years later, my family and I moved back to the east coast from California, where my wife Jacqui and I led a campus ministry at UC Santa Cruz for four years, while raising two boys. We served in Boston for 2 years, preaching the gospel at 10+ different campuses, with 90 other brothers and sisters who also uprooted and moved there with us! One of those people was my best friend Joe (see his bio here), who’s a fellow East-Coast-er, was one of the first people I met in 2002 as a freshman, was my roommate for four years, and planted a church with me. One of my favorite traits about Joe is his roundhouse kick. We're now leading campus ministries in southern California (go UC Riverside!), along with our college small group leader John Ko (see his bio here).

Likes: Outside of heaven and family, a few of my favorite things are volleyball, basketball, board games, Excel, the sous-vide (as in sous-vide chicken breast, salmon, pork loin, poached eggs, steak, ask for the recipe and you shall receive), inventing new dishes like "sichuan queso", and giving dating and marriage advice.

Jacqui’s Avengers Enneagram type: Scarlet Witch.

Josh’s Avengers Enneagram type: Vision.

Clearly, it was meant to be.

Jacqui Wang

I grew up on the sunny island of Singapore as an only child with two loving parents. Growing up in a meritocratic society, the idea that your worth lies in how smart or competent you are was steeped into the very core of my being. The mascot for my middle school was Athena, goddess of wisdom.

I came to UC Berkeley my freshman year with the mission to prove my worth by graduating in three years with a double major. It was here that I really started to pay attention to God's word and was struck by the truth and wisdom in the Bible about life, about me. I learned that my Creator considered me to be worth the life of His Son, that I didn't need to prove anything for Him to love me. After making Jesus my Lord and Savior I now have a new mission in life to share this good news with others.

Since I started to follow Jesus, it's been a great adventure. I've had the privilege of ministering to college students, to youth, to international students, from the sunny beach towns of Califonia to the bustling cities in the east coast. Looking forward to being part of God's work wherever he takes me in the coming years!

Likes: Being by large bodies of water, exploring new campuses, Singaporean food (it's the best!), hosting college students at my home

Myers Briggs: INFP. INFPs want to save the world but can't find their car keys. My husband would agree :)

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